The magnificient Charlevoix region


Renowned for its hospitality and landscapes that have enchanted painters, poets, writers, and musicians, the Charlevoix region is where nature and culture exist in perfect harmony. Located 150 km from Québec city on the North shore of the majestic St. Lawrence river, Charlevoix is a unique UNESCO biosphere reserve site.

Charlevoix owes its spectacular mountain scenery to the earth-shattering impact of a 15-billion-ton meteor 350 million years ago. This collision blasted a crater 56 kilometers in diameter, making Charlevoix one of the largest inhabited craters in the world!

Covering six thousand square kilometers in the very heart of the Canadian Shield, the oldest rock formation on earth, Charlevoix abounds in one-of-a-kind attractions.

From the mountain waters that cascade down the majestic Laurentians into the salty depths of the St. Lawrence River to the charming little mountainside villages that dot the region, this vacationer's paradise begins where the sea and mountains meet.


Year-round activities

Horseback Riding

Discover the joy of horseback riding and view horses in a different way. Whether a gallop along the beach or a ride up the mountain, you’ll enjoy these special moments in safety with the help of seasoned and experienced guides.


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Art Galleries

Several art galleries featuring nature painters and sculptors all inspired by the colours of Charlevoix are open for your viewing pleasure. A lovely treasure hunt is on to find that special piece!

Music concerts at Domaine Forget


The joys of summer


The Manoir Richelieu Golf Club or the Murray Bay Golf Club, the second oldest golf course in Canada, are both on our doorstep. A unique experience... playing golf between mountain and ocean!

Whale Watching

During summer, the largest ocean creatures gather very near the Charlevoix coastline. You can enjoy a 2- or 3-hour cruise to see these magnificent creatures (boats, zodiacs, catamarans). The best way to get to know whales.

The Saguenay Fjord

The Saguenay Fjord, its islands, promontories, the 800-foot-high Caribou waterfall and its spectacular legends. So much beauty for you to see - an interpretation centre and caves. Choice of 2- and 6-hour cruises.

Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Fishing, Bicycling

Because Charlevoix abounds in natural parks, you have the opportunity to enjoy all these sports. Rock climbing, sea kayaking, mountain bike trails, ice fishing, day fishing... all you have to do is choose your sport!

Parks and Nature Sites:

• Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park: this park is renowned as one of the most beautiful nature preserves in Quebec. The valley bounded by the highest rock walls in Eastern Canada and offers spectacular views and a unique skyline.

Grands-Jardins National Park: one of the jewels of the region. UNESCO has named Grands-Jardins National Park a central area of our biosphere reserve. Wildlife and plants uncommon at this latitude make this park a unique site.

• Cap-à-l’Aigle Gardens: come admire the village of Cap-à-l’Aigle’s collection of lilac bushes.

• Domaine Charlevoix: a nature park, near Baie-Saint-Paul, an oasis of peace and quiet. A path winds up to the Felix-Antoine-Savard terracce where your walk is punctuated by classical music excerpts.

• Regional Observatory of the Croix de Clermont Mountain: here, visitors can learn all about the outstanding wildlife and plants living between the coast and the hinterland.

• Port-au-Saumon Ecological Centre: located in the heart of the World Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO); its 100 hectares along the St. Lawrence River are integrated to the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. Some interpretation paths are open to the public.

• Les Palissades — an adventure mountain Park: you’ll discover a world-class adventure park when you visit Les Palissades. The climb involves a vast array of activities, in particular two Via Ferrata Treks, a suspended bridge and rock climbing and rappelling. Open to all.

• Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park: a unique park where all activities centre around the water. This is the first park in Quebec where protection of the marine environment is an exclusive and comprehensive activity. It covers part of the St. Lawrence estuary and the Saguenay Fjord.

The pleasures of winter


Mont Grand-Fonds Regional Park provides hours of pleasurable and great skiing for downhill skiers as well as 160 km of trails for cross-country skiers. Many other winter activities can also be enjoyed.

Snowmobile Rental

The 400-km snowmobile trail network covers 4 roads featuring majestic views, and one is right behind the Inn.

Dogsledding & Snowshoeing

Guided dogsledding treks will take you into a totally different world. Travel back to a time when moving about in winter was done by sleds pulled by huskies.

Winter Kayaking

If you dare, winter kayaking is incredible and exciting. Paddle the St. Lawrence when the ice floes are still moving about and take in a spectacle like you’ve never seen before.